Wednesday, April 25, 2012

it's skin

dear diary..

am I deserve some fun?
am I deserve some happiness?
am I deserve to be pampered?
am I deserve some products from It's skin?

and the answer for all the questions above are yes!!!!thousand times of yezza (^-^)

hence I bought these from It's skin...

1. Mangowhite Yogurt Mask
2. Yeast Essence Mask Sheet
3. Mushroom + Mulberry  Mask 

whateva it is, the best part of my purchase..I also got free sample from them for me to try on..they gave me 2 sample size of serum for skin and 1 normal sachet of Moist Mask Sheet. Arent they so adorable! yeay got free gift....(^-*) mood happy!

details about: It;s skin..(I got from their facebook page) you all can check it out here...

Clinical skin solution Dermatologist prescribed.

It's Skin was developed by researching and analyzing the skin troubles of the customers and solving the skin problems based on various clinical experiences to acheive ideal skin. Formulated by prescirptions of Dermatologists from Seoul University which is the number one University in Korea, It's Skin confirmed the safety once again by completing the dermatological ltest on make-up line ups as wellas skin care. The unique prescriptioion of It's Skin which was re-born from integration natural ingredients extracted form the nature with the state-of-the-art dermatology science,m goes beyond mere using the natural ingredients, optimizes the effect to awaken the potential energy of the skin itself. Also, through usage of formula based on high degree of purity of the natural ingredients and minmum use of antiseptics, it is a minimum-irritation comsmetic product pursuing skin safety and preventing skin troubles. It's Skin with the prescriptions based on skin safety of the customers, will regain the original energy of the healthy skin for you.

ok bubuy..time for me to put my mask on...heee

oh ya..forgot to tell you all that the famous 2pm represent them...heee got to go now...daaa.>.<

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