Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cameron Highlands - Part 2

Dear my diary...
yeah manage to uploaded picz..for part 2..(*-*)

-red baby + my lil' sister-
pssst...that cute red hat we bought for red baby mainly to match the outfit...cute meh

-my mom bought tonnes of vegetables...and she just love it!!
and the prices are being ranged at:
3 - for RM 10
6- for RM 10
10- for RM 10

and they even got 13- for RM 10

you say what??
yeah it's totally true..I ponder,at some point I thought our refrigerator at home is getting smaller
we just bought too much of vegetables....wondering#

cactus! yeah we bought them too..

7- RM 10

oraito..sold to my mom..
end of the story

-red baby wink3-

but this cute baby is Not for sale okeh...teeeheee

After that, we went to (thinking**) can't remember the name of the place...but what I am sure about is that the place have too much mushrooms till they can fill up the whole universe...ahaha..just exaggerated to make the story line "flawless" ...bimbo#
but what I am so impressed about this place is that their mushroom are all colourful
...I mean they got lots of different colours such as yellow, pink, blue, red that I swear I didnt see any colour like that "attached" to mushrooms!
except white, black or brown..
dont believe me??..ohh please do believe me...coz it is true!!

wanna see the pic?
yeah..I show you right now...

scroll down


-they are in yellow + pink + grey + black + blue and many more-
now you all believe me?
check mate!

-see, how big is this mushroom-

they got flowers too!!- happy-

-my mom captured this pic-

-my mom's works of art-
Ohh I mean the picture ^-^

-luv them all-
don't you want them all (T___T)

-even the energy is not there anymore..but when it comes to camewhore..
the energy just came out from nowhere-
heeeeeee-run for your lifey (8-8)

- i love cameron-okeh gedik!

- such a beautiful scenery-

-me thinking** how I wish to stay here for about...hmm...for the rest of my life...
it is in Malaysia..and the weather is just for me...
okeh CHECK IN!
but then what's there for me to earn for living....

- failed!

@ entrepreneur?
- need to brush up my skills first!

@ waitress?
- lack of communication skills (-.-) coz I am very shy2 cat person...ahahaha




ok...finished part 2 of C.H...more parts will come after this...ahaha...just joking...there are only 3 part for this entry...PART 1 and 2 done!
PART 3- will write about that soon enough...

psstt: the only reason why I do in 3 different parts is mainly to avoid the readers to (muntah hijau sekaligus)*** it is not good for the body..heee...coz there will be thousands of pics to be uploaded! hence I made 3 Parts of entry to ensure that (muntah hijau you all akan keluar berperingkat)
see I love my readers!
okeh stop it Ana!
ahahaha..ok mumbling too much already..byeeeeeee

live your lifey to the fullest!!

Cameron Highlands - Part 1

Dear my diary...

Bet u miss me rite?
I'm back from C.H..
ohhh it was so awesome..and I had so much fun!!

fully loaded with strawberries + vegetables + flowers (*-*)
and the weather was great!!!

Day 1: Check in to Heritage Hotel

-welcome to the Heritage Hotel-

-we went for tea breaks after that-

disclaimer: that's was my sister's tea...but then she did not realize that she put creamer instead of sugar and that was the final product...and the taste was...hmmm...euwwww

-my sis. in law + me-

-my lil' sister-

-me and my cute lil' baby-

-naughty baby boy-

-nite visions from our balcony-


continue next things to do first...

psst: got a lots of picz to be uploaded...stay tuned!!


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Annual Dinner 2011

Dear Luvly Diary...

Today's entry I wanna update about my last annual dinner...
Since I successfully done my training at one of the GLC in Malaysia...
at Khazanah Nasional Berhad (KNB)..
So I think it is the best time for me to update some memories which I will cherish for the entire of my life...

Which of coz...the Annual Dinner babe!!
3 words to describe the whole experiences...

2. FUN!! tonnes of FUN!!!

heee..the event was held at Renaissance Hotel..@ 9/12/2011
well no need to write more..i think~~~
let's browse to the picz...
oh and btw...the theme for that nite was Blast From The Past

-menu for that day-
what more can I say...
the menu itself were unique !!! if we look up at the name of the menu...they were using the name of the singer in 60s + 70s +80s era!! AWESOME!!

-my outfit of the day-

-alin's outfit-

-alin+ me-
*oh ya...forget to mention that, alin was with me at that day..she is my plus one..wink3*

-us again-

disclaimer: if u all can see both of us..hav sparkling eyes there** heee...due to "kemalasan nak edit pic satu2"..huh(T____T)


her big birthday!


Dear Diary once again,
24th January...was my lil sister birthday..
Happy Big Birtday to You Dear Sister...opss its already late...yah..never mind..for sure she understands the fact that her sister is the most forgetful person when it comes to the date...etc..etc..

To my Dear Sister,
May ALLAH bless you..
Be a good muslimah..
and all the best in life!

luv ya!!

Till then...


7 months old...


dear diary..

i am back..!!
today i wanna write about my cute lil' baby..
he is so adorable...
he is so "nakal"...
sometimes i wanna punish him...bcoz he always make a mess..but then when he smile back at me...everything juz disappear like that.."the anger"...ohhh he is so cute!!

lots of luv baby!!


-the cute troublemaker-