Sunday, October 9, 2011



Assalamualaikum..and hello my dear diary(^-^)

quick update!!!

semalam aq belajar cara nak buat cokelat..i am so fortunate coz my roomate alin who is doin' celp (practical training now-attached to one company which makin' chocolate) so its been a blessed for me who do not noe how to make chocolate or have any other culinary skills been given such a great opportunity to learn how to make chocolate...heeee
(Y-Y) happy sgt2..and end up ... it was fun!!!
compared to me that been surrounded by all the numbers + profit + loss..heeeeeee
(peace out yo)
well ANA SALWA what do you expect from accounting stuffz hah??huhuhu bebeh..I mmg dah fall in luv with accountancy so no need to worry heh(*_^)

ok back to the stories of makin the chocolate....

I learnt new experience..n now i can make my own chocolate...hopefully..InsyaAllah..
sampai ke pagi buat cokelat nie..actually it is not that hard but the process is so complicated and of course hygiene is no. one top piority!!
but it is ok..eventhough i didnt get enough time to sleep and rest for the weekend , I managed to get some fun of makin' the chocolate!!!yey me!!!!!!!!!!

xlarat nak update panjang2..coz i got a lotz of works/tasks to do after this..gonna settle them all up before tomorrow!!only now i realized that if we didnt managed our time properly we end up wastin' it before we could realized it..that is so this is for the reminding..
pliz..manage our time properly !!!

thank you..that's all for now..

here's are some of the pics. taken (cokelat2)

ok till then..bubuy...
oh n btw...I captured those pics. gune camera phone je..(*-^)


  1. u make the chocolates above by urself! Thumbs up!
    Post to me 1 or 2 boxes =P

  2. yup dear..insyaAllah will do oneday huuuuuuuuu