Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cameron Highlands - Part 1

Dear my diary...

Bet u miss me rite?
I'm back from C.H..
ohhh it was so awesome..and I had so much fun!!

fully loaded with strawberries + vegetables + flowers (*-*)
and the weather was great!!!

Day 1: Check in to Heritage Hotel

-welcome to the Heritage Hotel-

-we went for tea breaks after that-

disclaimer: that's was my sister's tea...but then she did not realize that she put creamer instead of sugar and that was the final product...and the taste was...hmmm...euwwww

-my sis. in law + me-

-my lil' sister-

-me and my cute lil' baby-

-naughty baby boy-

-nite visions from our balcony-


continue next things to do first...

psst: got a lots of picz to be uploaded...stay tuned!!


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