Friday, February 10, 2012



my dear diary,

how r u today?

today's entry is so special!!
why is that?
hmm...mayb bcoz this entry is specifically designed for him..
thankx so much LUV!


the story begin like this...
3 days ago, I got this mysterious parcel from 'I dont noe who'...
I tried to recall if I had make any on9 purchase!..(not that I noe)..
hence, I believe that
this parcel was not mine and not meant for me...ok! confirm...
and on top of that...the parcel was sent from Hong Kong..oh ok this is serious
I never been to Hong Kong before and...for sure I never make any purchase in related to foreign exchange currency..aha..not me..coz it so complicated..and

I am a baby (^-^)##
Ana..what is that in relate to the topic??
ahaha ok sorry for that..I juz mumbling ...##hee

but then...question arises??
and I wonderin'...likex for a thousand timesxxx
why the parcel have my name on it??



ah..without further due..I just opened the parcel..well in relate to legal stuff or stuff like that..I dont think I done anything wrong here ...coz my name was printed
on the parcel..thus, it made me eligible to opened the parcel...yeah I do! and I did opened it **

and after I opened the parcel, I saw this beautiful necklace and it was so cute..
its Swarovski necklace!!
it came with this cute ribbon box ( soft pink) and also black cute pouch!
ok speechless..
hmm...who is this person??


After a while..

he came to my mind..pop up like that..sounded like this POP**
ahaha..nah..juz joking..##
there is no one else..except him!ok confirm...
grab my phone and called him..
he calmly admitted it with his sweet voice saying that it was a "special surprise" from him to adorable he is**wink3
coz I luv Swarovski so much and coz I keep asking him when he wanna bought me something in relate to swarovski..maybe he get tired and juz bought me the necklace so that after this I will stop asking about that...geeee (Ana ...please behave)***

After all,

what a luvly BF ever...***
~much luv~

-pure white Swarovski necklace-
-totally craving for it!!-

-cute ribbon box + black cute pouch-

-its from monmeill-

Thank You


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