Tuesday, April 12, 2011

newbie + 'dark brown' contact lens


haiii its me again...
updating my blog again'...teeheeeee

today's topic of discussion will be in regard to contact lens...heee
wonderin' why?
it is simply bcoz...i am now a 'newbie' user of contact lens...
the one that i am wearin' is in dark brown colour n its also giv a big effect to the user...
coz its 16mm..heee

how i get 'involved'??
been influenced by my roomate..bet u ol noe..who she is....
she taught me how to wear lens..n i just got interested of trying the lens...
bcoz...u will totally look like a different person...
hmmm...sounds like i'm easy to get influenced...heeeeeeeee

ana salwa before...
ana salwa after...


not available for the moment..teeheee

ok now it is the time..
time for what??
time to reveal my experience...
i want to write a lil' bit about my experience of wearing contact lens...
if u never use or wear contact lens...
(newbie like me)
ur eyes will turn red 4 a while..
(the moment u wear the lens)
n after that...u gonna be ok..
(after u adjusted the position of lens in ur eyes by blinking ur eyes couple of times)

p/s:differ person will hav differ effect..coz if u ask me...i am now comfortable with my lens..

first trial: took almost 1 hour
second trial:4 minutes only



but pliz remember these:
-hygiene is very important when u wanna wear the lens..
-dont simply wear the lens without wash ur hands first n solutions is the MUST!!!

*waiting for my dark green lens*cant wait!!excited!!


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